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Resilience & Technology
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Would you conduct a Crisis Management Team meeting in VR? Why? Why not? Would it create better collaboration in dispersed teams?

What do you think @Leon Israel @Amy @Henry Shepherd @Praneeth Kumar Gedela ?

Apart from being a very cool idea for meetings in general, is this the answer to reducing zoom fatigue in our new work from anywhere future and... (More)

@Leon Israel4 good question, be keen to see some responses across the community. Slack works really well for us, but I can see some benefits in Teams and the video etc. Zoom has been a game changer for us over... (More)

@Leon Israel4 I have used a mix of slack, teams and whatsapp recently. I like the interface of slack but it doesn’t seem to get great uptake in a corporate environment. Teams has a good integration with video and the... (More)

How cool is this.. combining two of my favourite things technology and wine! 💻🍷
Amazing use of AR and tech do improve the quality of a product.

Check it out Joshua Shields Leon Israel