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Queensland Coronavirus restrictions to ease from midday

Queensland's stage-three restrictions kick in at midday and many people want to know what they can do.

It's a week ahead of schedule and Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has "taken her hat off" to Queenslanders for helping suppress the virus.

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Are postcode by postcode restrictions effective? Or should we remain 'all in this together'?

An interesting opinion piece in The Age this morning from John Pesutto a Senior Fellow at the School of Government at Melbourne University, (link below).

Postcode lockdowns necessitate a broader inquiry

I don't agree with all the points that he... (More)

10 Melbourne postcodes to be locked down - Statement from the Premier of Victoria

Premier Daniel Andrews announced 10 postcodes in Melbourne would be locked down to prevent the virus from spreading, making them subject to a similar level of restrictions that were in place earlier this year.

The postcodes affected by the new... (More)

Victoria facing 'second peak' - Chief Health Officer

Reporting from Fairfax this morning - Victorians may be asked to wear masks on public transport and in supermarkets, as the state mobilises a response to what the state's Chief Health Officer has called a definite “second peak”.

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