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I was talking with a colleague of mine earlier in the week about organisations and their return to work (return to office) time lines. Around the world we are seeing varying pace and volume of teams attending the physical work place (in context of the typical office environment), countries, states, cities and industries are all moving at different and possible unknown rates. COVID-19 and the term unpredictable are synonymous today, our discussion was around who is doing what, and it resulted in a few key questions being raised about what would you/ your organisation be looking for to comfortably say we can safely allow large scale return to office (for those who can/ want to).

We came up with the following criteria:

  • rates of community transmission in the city/area
  • other occupants in the building
  • access to transport and parking
  • ability to socially distance at your desk
  • cleaning and ppe availability


I know full well there are other concerns and criteria out there, I would really like to know what comes to mind for you, when contemplating safe office occupation?