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Lockdown measures are being eased further after more than two months of restrictions. But how is everyday life changing?

Can I meet friends and relatives?

In England and Northern Ireland, households containing one person, or one adult and children, can form a ''support bubble'' with one other household. The second household can contain any number of people. People can already meet outside in groups of up to six people from different households.

In Scotland, people from up to three different households can now meet up outdoors if they maintain social distancing. It is recommended that eight is the maximum group size.

In Wales, any number of people from two different households can now meet outdoors.

Groups of up to six people who are not in the same household can meet while socially-distancing outdoors in Northern Ireland, although up to 10 people can now attend outdoor weddings and civil partnerships.

In all four nations, permitted numbers of people includes children, and social distancing - remaining 2m (6ft) apart from others - should be followed unless those people are part of the same household or support bubble. The rules are different for people who are shielding.

Can I exercise more?

The overall advice remains "stay at home" as much as possible. But some non-contact outdoor sport is allowed - although rules vary across the UK.

People in England can now exercise outside with up to five others from different households. In Scotland, people from three households, in groups of up to eight people, can exercise outside together.

This means, for example, that having a kickabout with a football in the park is now allowed in both countries, as long as people stay 2m (6ft) apart and practise good hand hygiene.

Small groups of sports teams can also resume fitness sessions.

Athletics, golf, horse riding and tennis are all allowed in England. Tennis, can also be played in Scotland and Northern Ireland - but not yet in Wales. However, golf can be enjoyed everywhere.

Households can also drive any distance in England to destinations such as parks and beaches. But they should still not travel to Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Why are rules different in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland?

Decisions on easing lockdown in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are the responsibility of each national government.

Wales and Scotland do not want households to travel more than five miles if possible, but 11 Conservative MPs have questioned the Wales decision.

The Northern Ireland Executive has confirmed that hotels and tourist accommodation can reopen on 20 July.


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