With the news in the last 48 hours, that India has banned TikTok it looks like the internet and social media applications have become the latest battleground in the tensions between China and India. 

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Photo by Ibrahim Rifath on Unsplash

This is not a new phenomenon, China has for a long time banned US based apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp, which allowed Chinese app makers to flourish in a controlled environment.      

The difference here is that TikTok is the first Chinese app to have garnered a truly global audience and for the first time another Government has started to sanction app companies from China. 

This is an interesting test case as Chinese app makers are running out of users in China and they saw India as their next big market.

You can read more detail here in this article from the AFR.

My question to the community is what does this mean for international business? How can businesses better prepare for potential disruptions to business as usual operations based on geo-political posturing? 

@Marcus Vaughan @Simon Petie @Leon Israel what do you think?