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From the AFR this morning on the response of China to an outbreak in Beijing. 

The Chinese economy had been firing back up. Travellers had been returning to fill trains and planes. Communist Party leaders had been celebrating their success in defeating the coronavirus.

For 56 days, Beijing had not registered any new locally acquired cases — until Monday.

Now, China's capital has suffered a flare-up of infections, delivering a painful lesson that the virus can come back to ambush countries that had triumphantly proclaimed victory.

After a fresh outbreak of coronavirus infections, the city of Beijing, with a population of more than 21 million, has begun reimposing some controls used across the country earlier in the year to stifle the first wave of infections.

Airlines have cancelled hundreds of flights. Schools have called off classes, forcing students to exchange abrupt farewells. Officials sealed off neighbourhoods, and residents stuck inside complained about limited food deliveries. Medical workers tested tens of thousands of residents.

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If this is the new normal what do you think this means for international travel, overseas business operations and supply chain disruption?