An interesting opinion piece in The Age this morning from John Pesutto a Senior Fellow at the School of Government at Melbourne University, (link below).

                                  Postcode lockdowns necessitate a broader inquiry

Should all of Melbourne be in lockdown? - Photo by
Should all of Melbourne be in lockdown? - Photo by SGC on Unsplash

I don't agree with all the points that he raises however it did get me thinking about whether the postcode restrictions are the right way to go? Or is it actually possible to restrict people in a suburb within a major metropolitan city. 

You can point to this method working in NW Tassie however it is much easier to lock down a small country town with literally 4 roads in and out than it is a municipality within an urban area. As you can see from the maps below. 

Burnie in North West Tasmania
Burnie in North West Tasmania
Moreland Council Victoria 
Moreland Council Victoria 

So this raises the question should we be tightening restrictions on the whole Melbourne area? 

I understand that this would be an economic blow to the businesses and organisations across the city, however the flip side is that if this really does blow out will we be headed in that direction anyway? Does the mantra of go hard go early apply here?

What are your thoughts? Will this be effective or more damaging in the long term? 

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