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Welcome to the Catalyst Tech Community. This is a diverse, inclusive and friendly community of like minded professionals. Please come and join the discussion.


Welcome to the Catalyst Community!

Hello all! The Catalyst Team are really excited to be able to launch the Catalyst Community and we are so glad that you are here!

I would like to welcome all of our members and encourage people to start sharing... (More)

What are the response strategies available to organisations as we face clusters and even a second wave?

Working with some of Australia's largest organisations in their response to COVID-19, I have had the unique opportunity to speak to and be guided by a number of eminent Infectious Disease experts. I have been so fortunate to be able... (More)

First and foremost - all businesses, managers and responsible citizens have a duty to abide by the Health and Safety protocols of the Victorian Government in this State of Disaster.

Secondly being able to take a breath and assess the... (More)


We find that companies who have kept staff informed and heard during isolation, and who have shown genuine concern for staff wellbeing, have enhanced engagement and culture during very difficult times. This will count positively in a number of ways,... (More)