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James replied 2 hours ago

Tech adoption, what drives you?

As a tech advocate, I am always looking for the next tool/ application, communication platform that tries to make life easier, more efficient to enable fast sharing of information (as I believe that is end the end goal of most... (More)

James replied 3 hours ago

Is the dream of the open and global internet slowly dying?

With the news in the last 48 hours, that India has banned TikTok it looks like the internet and social media applications have become the latest battleground in the tensions between China and India.

This is not a new phenomenon,... (More)

Leon liked 8 hours ago

Queensland Coronavirus restrictions to ease from midday

Queensland's stage-three restrictions kick in at midday and many people want to know what they can do.

It's a week ahead of schedule and Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has "taken her hat off" to Queenslanders for helping suppress the virus.

Details... (More)

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